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+  Same-Day Expedited Trademark Search Service

Once we receive your order, we'll process the trademark search same-day and conveniently email you the search report.

+  Search of U.S. Federal Trademarks

We’ll thoroughly search pending and registered trademarks at the federal level, including exact and similar trademarks. Our search analyst will examine phonetically similar mark names by using powerful search queries including: wildcards, root words, multi-character substitutions, word segments, permutations, character replacement truncation variations, pseudo marks, and more.

+  Email Delivery of Search Report

For your convenience, the search report will be emailed in a PDF file that you can easily read, save, or transfer to colleagues.

+  Unlimited Customer Support

If you have any questions or need help, trademark support specialists are ready to help you when you need it. Get unlimited customer support by phone, chat, or email.

+  Search of U.S. State Trademarks

Search pending and registered trademarks from all 50 state databases.

+  Search of Common Law Trademarks

Search active trademarks from U.S. Common Law sources including: business profiles, corporation filings, Dun & Bradstreet® business reports, yellow-pages, Gale Brands®, and more.

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