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Trademark Registration Complete Package Trademark Registration Standard Package
+  Expedited E-Filing Service

Once we receive your application, we'll process the trademark order and e-file it with the U.S. Trademark Office (USPTO). You'll receive an email to confirm the filing.

+  Free Trademark Search Included

We'll search active trademarks at the federal level to make sure that your name is available for registration. If we discover any similar conflicts, we'll contact you to find a solution.

+  Review Application for Completeness & Accuracy

Your application is personally reviewed by someone to make sure it is complete and accurate for filing. We'll check and fix your documents for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, logo image size and filing requirements.

+  Prepare & File Your Federal Trademark Application

We'll draft the legal documents required for your trademark filing. Our graphic designers will digitalize, resize, and adjust any design logos and specimens to make sure it meets filing requirements.

+  Email Confirmation of Trademark Application Filing

Once the trademark application is filed, you'll receive an email confirmation.

+  Email Delivery of Search Report

For your convenience, the trademark search report will be emailed in a PDF digital file that you can easily read, save, or transfer to colleagues.

+  Unlimited Customer Support After Trademark Filing

We'll be there for you throughout the entire filing process. Trademark support specialists are ready to help you when you need it.

+  Help with Office Action Refusals

We will assist you if you receive standard office action office action refusal.

+  100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Our services are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with our services, simply let us know within 30 days of your order by contacting our Customer Support.

+  Flexible Payment: Pay the U.S. Government Filing Fee Later

You choose when to pay the filing fee. Just pay our service fee now for the package items, and pay the U.S. government filing fee later.

Package Price: $169.95 $169.95
U.S. Government Filing Fee: $275.00 Pay Later
Total: $444.95* $169.95*

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*The U.S. government filing fee is $275 for the standard Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) meeting the basic filing requirements, and $225 for the stricter TEAS Plus application system. The TEAS Plus makes the filing process more efficient and helps you avoid delays in getting the registration, but it requires more work in processing your application since it has stricter filing requirements. If Sharp Filings can use the TEAS Plus system for your application, then we'll still charge $275 of which $225 will be used for the government fee and $50 for Sharp Filings' additional labor fee. The government filing fee is per class of goods/services. The complete package pricing includes the filing fee for one class to get the application filed. If the application has multiple classes, then you can pay the additional filing fees later when the USPTO examines the application. The standard basic package pricing does not include the required government filing fee, as this option allows the applicant to pay it later.